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Achieving the ultimate in value

Customer demands for personal care and health food products are becoming more and more diversified. The POLA ORBIS Group is pursuing a multi-brand strategy in response to these market conditions. We believe that developing various brands and implementing diversified sales channels will allow us to deliver optimal products that will ultimately enable expansion of our business to satisfy more customers.

In this multi-brand strategy, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, INC. specializes in the research and manufacturing of cosmetics and health food products. We strive to bring joy and excitement to the unique customers of the POLA ORBIS brands by offering the best products and creating a new world of abundance and possibilities. The main mission of the R&D division is to create new value, while that of the manufacturing division is to pursue a novel kind of monozukuri (the Japanese concept of manufacturing excellence), so that customers will place even more trust in our products.

Achieving the ultimate in value is rooted in the boundless curiosity and tireless commitment to scientific inquiry of every one of our employees. The core of product development is our R&D division, in which about 130 researchers investigate everything from basics to product development and refinement. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies and information with our in-house experience helps our researchers create novel cosmetic and health food products. Moreover, the company maintains a stable supply of about 2,800 cosmetic items that are mainly generated at our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, which serves the brands of the POLA ORBIS Group, including the two mainstay brands, POLA and ORBIS.

Our corporate activities are geared toward our principal goals, which are to improve our product brands, delight and evoke empathy among all our stakeholders, and contribute to society. We greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance as we continue to strive to achieve these goals.

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