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Social contribution

Community interaction

We promote active interaction with the community through our research and production businesses.


Environmental education for kids

Our manufacturing plants host environmental education activities for local elementary school students.  Children had fun learning about problems facing the world by taking part in a program set up to resemble a quiz show.  And they learned about the importance of environmental conservation and the fun of making things by touring waste treatment plants and collection sites and making creams for themselves.

Supporting career experience

Our manufacturing plants provided opportunities for people to think about their future careers.  Among other activities, they accepted interns from universities in neighboring prefectures and high schools and gave them practical training that covered everything from filling to finishing cosmetics.  In addition, the Yokohama R&D Center holds activities to cultivate motivation and interest in work among students and help them think about their careers.  For example, it dispatches researchers to local junior high schools to explain cosmetics-related research and work and provide hands-on study in making cosmetics as part of a career experience program.

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