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Environmental activities

Reducing CO2 emissions

We are working to reduce the amount of CO2 generated by our production processes as part of our effort to help control global warming.


CO2 reduction targets and performance

In 2010, we established an "Energy Committee" to take overall control of the company's energy management, and the R&D and the manufacturing divisions have been implementing the activities of saving electricity and energy, setting the goal of CO2 emission reduction at a rate of 1% every year on the basis of the amount in 2009. In 2014, the amount of CO2 emission was 8,276t, which was 25.8% reduction over that of year 2009. We will continue to make efforts to reduce the global warming by keeping the goal of 1% CO2 emission reduction every year, and implementing the energy saving in a proactive manner.


Solar power generation

We installed a solar power generation system in the Fukuroi Plant in 2012 to produce clean energy without fossil fuels as part of our environmental activities.  The system consists of 384 solar panels that are installed on the plant’s roof.  It is expected to have a maximum output of 80 kW and a yearly output of 80,000 kWh.  If weather and other environmental conditions are suitable, the system has the potential to cover half of the Fukuroi Plant’s administrative power needs.

Environment-friendly production systems

We are introducing the LEE method (low-energy emulsification method) into our manufacturing processes as an environment-friendly production system to manufacture cosmetics with low energy.  This method effectively reduces CO2 emissions by 30% compared to conventional manufacturing methods.

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