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<Policy and Objective>
To hand over a beautiful earth and the blessings it provides to future generations, POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, Inc., Fukuroi Plant, who loves the verdant local natural environment surrounded by the three major mountains of the Enshu district, declare that we commit to promote environmentally conscious activities that are friendly to people and the planet with maximum harmony through our manufacturing business.
Wish for a more beautiful future
  1. To conserve and improve the earth’s environment, we try our best to conserve natural resources and energy, and to reduce waste generation when we design, manufacture, and deliver our cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and health food products.
  2. We work to continuously improve the environment and prevent pollution by setting environmental goals within the scope of technological and economic capabilities.
  3. We work to develop our products in an eco-friendly way to preserve and improve the earth's environment as well as to minimize the use of resources, the use of energy, and waste at our plants.
  4. We aim to establish, implement, maintain, and evaluate our “Environmental management system” and thoroughly educate the employees working in and for our organizations to cultivate maximum awareness.
  5. We work to coexist with the local communities and society as well as to promote activities for preserving and improving the environment.
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