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Research and Development

Research and Development

Our R&D applies our outstanding formulation technology, cultivated over many years, to develop new materials and new formulations that focus on diverse issues such as skin finish, texture, long-lasting cosmetic film and protection from UV rays.


Skincare Products Supported by Exceptional Formulation Technology

Our innovative approach to product development means that more customers are realizing a difference from conventional skincare products, a fact shown by our exceptional scores on leading Japanese cosmetics ratings site @cosme, and a hundred and ninty six top awards from top cosmetics magazines. This outstanding reputation is thanks to our 85 years of progress in formulation technology. We offer a wide range of brands catering to a wide range of needs, providing our customers with surprise and with delight. In order to maintain this market-leading position, we will continue to work on improving our formulation technology capabilities.

Make-up Products with Function and Beauty of Finish

Our collaborations with industries outside of the cosmetics industry have allowed us to develop unique and functional products, such as a powder that reveals the inner beauty of the skin by controlling light diffusion, and make-up finishes that use light to make it appear as if the skin is illuminated from within. The advanced level of this research differentiates us from other cosmetics companies, and confirms our position as pioneer in the industry.

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