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Health Science Research

We also focus on assisting and improving the functions of the body that are linked to achieving beautifulness through our research on health foods, as another tool to accompany our skincare and beauty products.


Research and Development of the Evidence-based Active Ingredients in Health Foods

We research and develop original active ingredients designed to achieve beneficial effects on skin disorders, pigmentation and wrinkles by making use of the effectiveness evaluation technology we have built up over the years through our cosmetics-based research. We are particularly focused on the ability of foods to target specific organs and internal functions, and to help achieve beautiful skin from within.

Developing Health Food Products with ‘That Something Extra’

As well as creating beautiful skin, we also concentrate on ensuring that our products stand out from the rest with that something extra, a luxury look or inventive approach that fits brand image, or references to traditional Oriental medicines , such as the “qi-ketsu-sui”(energy-blood-water) approach based on balancing the elements of the body.

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