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Quality Research

We are dedicated to the creation of quality in all aspects of our product development, using the very latest technology to ensure the highest levels of safety, antiseptic properties and product stability that will allow our customers to use our products with total peace of mind.


Ensuring Total Customer Peace of Mind

We conduct uniquely comprehensive quality research that takes into account the actual situations in which customers use products. We also work on the development of new evaluative methods for verifying the safety of high-performance active ingredients, identifying trace ingredients, and developing alternative methods. We are dedicated to the improvement of our research and development capabilities.
Meanwhile, our safety policy of cosmetic products (including quasi drugs) is not conducting animal testing(*), including testing entrusted to external parties, depend on established alternative method.

* This excludes instances where we are held responsible by society to evidence the safety of a product or where it is required by administrations in particular countries.

Developing New Functional Materials utilizing Analytical Instruments

We work in the development of new functional materials using NMR, LC-MS/MS and LC/Q-TOF (structure determination, physical properties evaluation) and in the analysis of specific active ingredients contained within products through the application of GC/MS and ultra-high-speed LC. By using this kind of top level analytical instrument, we have been able to develop high-performance and high-quality products as well as excitingly original research findings.

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