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Container and package development

Our development is always based on the principles of "safety and ease of use", "protection of contents", and "consideration of the environment" so that customers can use our products with comfort and confidence.


Safety and ease of use

We repeatedly conduct evaluations and experiments in accordance with numerous company safety standards to test airtightness, which ensures that the contents do not leak during use and storage, and shock absorbance, which ensures that the container will not break easily if dropped or impacted. In addition, we design containers in consideration of ease of handling, opening, and unboxing for the customer.


Protection of contents

Protecting its contents is one of the most important functions of a container. To ensure that the contents and ingredients of a product are protected, we select appropriate container designs, materials, parts, and colors. Many of our standards are in place for this selection process, such as those for transparency, reactivity, and visual deterioration of the contents.


Considering the environment

To reduce waste from used containers, we actively integrate refillable containers in our lineup.Our product design is based on airtightness, ease of opening, refillability and ease of use, so that even refillable containers can ensure the safety, ease of use, and protection of the contents.

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