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Container and package development

Our development activities are constantly focused on “safety and ease of use,” “protection of contents,” and “concern for the environment” to ensure that customers can use our products with peace of mind.


Safety and ease of use

We conduct air-tightness evaluations for safety and establish numerous in-house standards for impact durability.  We then conduct repeated evaluations and tests to ensure that our products will not leak when used or stored and will not easily break even when dropped.  We also design product forms by paying attention to usage conditions and user handling.  Among other items, we focus on container portability, the ease with which lids and boxes can be opened, and the ease with which contents can be accessed. And we devise containers and boxes that are compatible with production equipment and can withstand shocks and vibrations during transport.


Protection of contents

One of the most important roles that containers have is to protect their contents.  We select the materials and colors that are appropriate for protecting product contents.  And we set in-house standards for evaluating suppression of contents penetration, contents reaction, light degradation, and other phenomena so that we can select container materials properly.


Concern for the environment

We are constantly studying approaches that consider the environment.  For example, we are reducing the number containers that go to waste by making them refillable and using container structures that allow separation of resin and metal components.  And for our refilling containers, we are focusing on refill usability by studying package forms that are easily opened and make refilling easier, and pursuing refilling convenience for products sold in jars.

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