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Procurement of raw materials

Procurement of raw materials

We procure the raw materials we need for product manufacturing and strive to expand our network of manufacturing subcontractors.


Procuring high added-value raw materials

We strive to procure appealing raw materials and packaging that are always “the world’s first” and “highly original” in order to provide the market’s best products to our customers. We meet our customers’ expectations by insisting on raw materials that are the basis for generating added value.  This approach covers patents, exclusive sales rights, new mechanisms, new materials, and possession of evidence data.


Improving cost competitiveness

We strive to lower costs in partnership with our raw materials suppliers in order to produce products displaying high cost performance.
And we outsource development and manufacturing and expand our orders to manufacturing subcontractors for our non-core products as well.


Expanding overseas procurement

As our Group business expands globally, we are striving to procure raw materials—namely containers, boxes, and other packaging materials—from overseas sources, particularly in Asia.
This effort is not limited to raw materials, as we are also expanding overseas production of products by overseas manufacturing subcontractors.  We promote such production by paying close attention to maintaining balance among quality, cost, and delivery schedules.

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