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Practical Application

Practical Application

We draw up mass volume production plans for newly developed skincare formulations based on specific features of the relevant development information and production line.


From Packaging Plan to Packaging Mass Volume Production

With the final prototype containers and package materials for mass-volume production, repeatedly we confirm whether the prototypes are created as designed and functional, and whether they can be used safely and comfortably by customers. By conducting the tests under various, practical usage environments, a high quality can be attained to satisfy customers. Design and practical application of more than 200 packages, containers and folding boxes, made of variety of raw materials and with different forms a year, is carried out by a team of seasoned experts.

From Product Formulation to Mass Volume Production

We are committed to developing production methods that will enable the highest possible level of quality to be maintained throughout production. This forms the basis of all practical application planning, which itself is rooted in quality design and usability based on suggestions from our research centers. Our aim is always to develop practical applied production processes that will allow us to supply our customers with better quality products which they can use and enjoy for longer.

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