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We produce a diverse range of products, including multiple contents, from skincare products to make-up cosmetics, and to multiple scales, from the 3L class to the 3t class.


Beauty Products made with Unrivaled Expertise

The production of beauty and skincare products requires raw materials to be heated up, dissolved, blended, agitated and then cooled. Products developed will require slightly different production processes according to their specific properties, and temperature control will be defined to within ±1℃, as will the number of stirs during the agitation process be similarly specified. In order to manufacture products in which the same high quality is maintained, each technician is called upon to use his or her technical expertise and experiences to ensure that the texture and color of finished products is consistent throughout.

Professional Quality Testing means Professional Quality Achieved

Strict tests are in place and are stringently enforced during each stage of the production process. Product content, packaging functionality, and even the way a product feels during use are all subject to checks by an experienced quality manager. State-of-the-art testing equipment and human expertise are used in combination to ensure that our products can always be used with total peace of mind.

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