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We have developed a production system adaptable to the different packaging and bulk sets required by each product, enabling products to be packaged with the optimal equipment at any time.


Adaptable Packaging and Set Technology

Design improvements and rationalizations are constantly being made to be able to adapt to diverse packaging and format requirements. The know-how and experience that we have built up thus far is applied to the packaging process, with professional operators of machinery and equipment carrying out productivity and quality improvements rooted in the better planning of production processes. Each packaging area contains a clean room, where production can be carried out in a clean environment where required.

Immediate Response to Market Needs through Unique Line Design

With a total product line-up of more than 3,000 items, all of which need to be produced to the highest possible quality, we have responded by developing a unique production system. For example, "POLA R&M - Style Cellular Manufacturing" is automatical system that develops and innovates leading-edge technology, and makes possible the production of a large number of items by incorporating the robots on a respectively limited scale. 1 operator can product around 500 units per hour. Switching from one item to another takes little time and can be done efficiently, making it possible to produce units from around 5-6 different products this system in a single day.

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