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Frontier Research Center

Research to create ‘the ultimate in value’ that transcends existing
skin care products by conducting in three categories
  • Science


    Skin is the most intimate organ of the human body; however, many things about the skin remain unknown.
    We leverage the cutting-edge technology to research skin and hypodermic layers from multiple perspectives.
    By deciphering its essence, we seek to clarify the phenomena of life that occur inside the skin and gain a better understanding of its underlying mechanisms. We seek to help people realize beautiful skin by working from within the body, focusing on the unique properties and function of each organ.
    In addition, based on the mechanisms of the skin that we discover, we aim to identify new ingredients for skin care and quasi-drug products, products with specified health uses, and health foods, and to develop functional materials.
    At the same time, we seek to achieve results in new fields beyond cosmetics.

  • Communication


    In the communication category, we use new high-functional skin-care formulation and digital technologies to research the interrelationship between humans and the outside that surrounds them (medical formulation, others, and the environment).
    Not limited to existing studies on skin and skin-care formulations, we will expand our research to focus on deciphering the relationship between the skin and skin-care formulations, the physical boundary between the skin and the environments, and the psychological boundary between the self and others.
    Ultimately, we seek to achieve results in new formulations and offer new value unconstrained by the bounds of the skin care business.
    We hope to accomplish this through gaining a better understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment and that between the self and others.

  • Life


    We leverage an immense amount of skin data that we have accumulated from the viewpoint of skin science, the company’s top strength.
    We analyze big data to understand the relationship between the skin and people’s physical and mental health and lifestyles.
    We also strive for open innovation by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI and neuroscience to focus on topics that were heretofore difficult to clarify, such as emotions, texture, haptics, and senses.
    Finally, we leverage the findings from these research activities and strive to create new value that delivers lifetime fulfillment.

Study results


This section describes the research papers and other contributions we make to academic publications, international trade journals, etc.


Research report


In this section, researchers directly involved in R&D present information that can help people achieve greater beauty.

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