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Research program

Basic Research

Our basic research covers diverse fields, including research at the cellular and genetic levels, with a focus on anti-aging skincare.


Anti-aging-Centered Research

Our particular strengths in basic research are the development of highly effective active ingredients, such as the skin lightening agent Rucinol®, and the formation of innovative product concepts. Our unrivaled research into the previously unknown mechanisms that cause pigmentation and wrinkles, together with the bold and brilliant ideas of our researchers, have led to findings that have grabbed the attention of the skincare industry and consumer market, such as anti-glycation, subcutaneous tissue structure and skin lightening through cell morphology control. We will continue to provide our customers with matchless value that always exceeds expectations.

State-of-the-Art Skin Analysis Technology

APEX is our brand of skincare counseling and analysis, which is supported by the very latest skincare analysis technology, allowing us to automatically evaluate maturation and regulation levels of the stratum corneum. APEX is supported by a database of more than 16 million skin case studies(※), allowing us to predict the future of a customer’s skin. We can also apply our analytical research in order to establish the ‘now’ of a customer’s skin through analysis of the outer skin. APEX allows us to provide our customers with information on their skin that is accessible and clearly presented, as well as offer bespoke skincare solutions to achieve the best possible results.
※as of March, 2016

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