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Research papers 2014

Title Magazine
Age-related disruption of autophagy in dermal fibroblasts modulates extracellular matrix components Biochem Biophys Res Commun 443(1) 167-172(2014)
Analysis of the skin surface at inner structure around pores on the face Skin Research and Technology 20 (1) 23-29
Inulavosin and its benzo-derivatives, melanogenesis inhibitors, target the copper loading mechanism to the active site of tyrosinase Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research 27(3) 376-386
Quantification of allergic and irritant patch test reactions using ImageJ Skin Research and Technology 20(2) 177-181 (2014)
Variants in melanogenesis-related genes associate with skin cancer risk among Japanese populations The Journal of Dermatology 41(4) 296-302
Changes in dermal papilla structures due to aging in the facial cheek region Skin Research and Technology
The Estimation of Age and Determination of Gender from the Spatial Grequency Charanteristics in Facial Image The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communicarion EngineersJ97-A(10) 657-664
The relationship between destinctiveness and spatial frequency characteristics in a facial image Journal of Japanese Academy of Facial Studies
Effects of dietary rooibos leaf extract on improvement on improvement of skin functions FRAGRANCE JOURNAL Januarypp33-37
Efficacy and safety of "the KISOU Skin Care Series" in Japanese women with the sensitive dry skin. Aesthetic Dermatology
Gene analysis based study for a novel skin-lightening mechanism, and its application for the development of cosmetics (In Japanese) Cutting-edge technologies of gene therapy and diagnosis for developing new medicine and diagnostic product Chapter 14 Part 2 p. 527-530 Technical Information Institute Co., Ltd.
Analysis of the relationship between the three dimensional surface structure and the inner structure in the facial skin (In Japanese) Cosmetic stage 8(5), 1-5, 2014-06
Sensory evaluation using photographs(digital images) (In Japanese) Sensory evaluation utilization method, quantification of sense, digitizing technique Chapter 10, Section 5, p353-355
Recent trend in the study for the appearance of skin without makeup (In Japanese) Monthly Book Derma. No.221, p23-29
Alteration of dermal components in aged skin Aesthetic Dermatology 24(3) 282-289
Current situation in the application of useful plants to cosmetics (In Japanese) Recent Progress of Medical Plants and Crude Drugs-Cultivation and Quality Evaluation of Medical Plants and Development of Kampo Products-, p237-245
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