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Award-winning studies

The research and technology of the POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. have been highly regarded at home and abroad.
Those studies won various awards at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, the International Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, and other organizations.

2017 Journal of SCCJ Vol.50, No.2, 2016 Most Excellent Paper Award Hybrid of Powder Foundation and Skincare Function
Asian Conference on Colloid & Interface Science (Malaysia) Best Poster Award O/W Emulsions Prepared by Amphiphilic Random Copolymer
2015 IFSCC Conference 2015(Zurich, Switzerland) Basic Research Award Breakthrough in improving the skin sagging with focusing on the subcutaneous
tissue structure, retinacula cutis
Journal of SCCJ Vol.47,No.2,2015 Most Excellent Paper Award Thermo-Sensitive Barrier: The Importance of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) in Epidermal Barrier Function 
Journal of SCCJ Vol.47,No.2,2015 Excellent Paper Award Long-term Change, Regional and Individual Difference Assessment of Japanese Female skin Condition
The 77h meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan Most Excellent Presentation Award Influence of facial skin movement and viewpoints on age perception
2014 28th IFSCC (Paris, France) Best paper & presentation in the basic research field "Antimaicrobial peptide human beta defensin-3 (hBD-3) as a key factor for acne flare-up during the premenstrual stage"
2013 The Annual Convention of Japanese Psycological Association Exellent Presentatin Award "The relationship between the distinctiveness and the spatial frequency characteristics in the facial image" 
2012 27th IFSCC (Johannesburg, South Africa) Best Poster Award Identification and mechanisms of adrenomedullin as a new melanocyte-activating factor
  PASPCR (PanAmerican Society of Pigment Cell Research) PASPCR Poster Award Melanin-containing keratinocytes show greater adhesion to the basement membrane
  China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) Second Award Investigating Premature Aging: Elements Contributing to Increased Apparent Age
2011 SCCJ Excellent Paper Award “A novel non-invasive method for assessing interior skin damage caused by aging and photoaging”
2010 Japanese Society for Pigment Cell Research the 1st Society Incentive Award “Analysis of variation of melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor (MC1R) gene in Japanese population”
2009 SCCJ Excellent Paper Award A Non-Destructive Method for Assessing Interior and Surface Hair Damage by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
2008 Japan Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy NIR Advance Award “The development of non-invasive methods for assessing skin and. hair damages on near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy”
  25th IFSCC (Barcelona, Spain) Best paper & presentation in the basic research field “Epidermal tight junction: the master skin barrier regulator”
2007 SCCJ Most Excellent Paper Award “Developing beauty-enhancing makeup by controlling light reflected from skin”
2005 Japan Research Institute of Material Technology Student Paper Award “Preparation of inorganic thin film using a micelle disruption method”
  SCCJ Excellent Paper Award “Non-invasive methods for assessment of dermal UV damage”
2003 SCCJ Most Excellent Paper Award “Optical investigation of aging skin and the development of makeup that restores a youthful look”
2001 SCCJ Excellent Paper Award “Selective adsorption of fatty acids for the prevention of foundation makeup deterioration”
1999 SCCJ Most Excellent Paper Award “Mechanism of UVA-caused wrinkle formation and its effective prevention”
1998 20th IFSCC (Cannes, France) Best paper & presentation “A new approach for the improvement of photo-aged skin through collagen fiber reconstruction mechanism”
  Cosmetics & Toiletries Best Paper Award “A Natural-Looking Makeup”
1996 19th IFSCC (Sydney, Australia) Second best paper & presentation “Optical properties of stratum corneum and development of natural looking make-up”
1994 18th IFSCC (Venice, Italy) Best paper & presentation “Psychoneuroimmunological benefits of cosmetics”
1986 14th IFSCC (Barcelona, Spain) Second best paper & presentation “Blurring of wrinkles through control of optical properties”
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