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Research report

Research report

The researchers are dedicating themselves every day to research activities for customer satisfaction.
We asked them about their research outcomes.

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Rucinol® is the ingredient with the strongest whitening properties!

Q.How did you discover Rucinol?


The first step of research is to find out effective substances. We examined several hundreds of plant extracts for whitening effects, and finally discovered that a component derived from fir trees in Siberia had high whitening efficacy. This component is the basic constituent of Rucinol.

Q.Does the basic constituent mean that the component itself is not Rucinol?

Yes. It is a little different. POLA has focused on whitening research since its foundation. Based on this research, we gradually improved this basic constituent, and have finally developed the component with the highest whitening properties, Rucinol. We have made a better constituent much better.

Q.Why does Rucinol have a reputation for great effect?

The secret is in the mechanism of how Rucinol works.
When skin is exposed to a stimulus, such as ultraviolet light, melanocytes located at the bottom of the epidermis produce a lot of melanin, causing blotches and freckles. Melanin is synthesized by the binding of tyrosine to tyrosinase (Fig.1). They are like a key and a keyhole. It should be noted that Rucinol has the key that is a perfect fit for the keyhole of tyrosinase. Rucinol binds to tyrosinase to completely fill its keyhole, resulting in inhibiting the binding of tyrosine to tyrosinase to produce melanin (Fig 2). We call the mechanism “melanin lock.” It blocks the “source,” and so the whitening effects are enhanced. The model experiment using three-dimensional cultured skin (Fig.3) demonstrated the high whitening effects of Rucinol.

Q.Is Rucinol safe?

Rucinol is a whitening ingredient approved by the authorities, after passing very strict safety standards, as an active ingredient of quasi-drugs. Although a great deal of time has passed since Rucinol was launched, it has gained popularity among our customers because it is safe to use.

Q.Could you tell us about the future of Rucinol?

Currently, various types of whitening ingredients are coming out in the market. Among them, Rucinol has the best whitening effects because its melanin lock function can block the production of melanin. We are also continuing our research in order to improve the effects of Rucinol. We have recently found synergistic effects of Rucinol and vitamin C. We would like to continue our research on Rucinol in order to strengthen its presence in the market.


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