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Website policy

The website of POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, Inc., (; hereafter “the Website”) is managed and operated by POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Inc. (hereafter “POLA”), and its subcontracted companies.  Please fully read the following Conditions of Use prior to using the Website.  By using the Website you agree to be in compliance with these Conditions of Use.
Please be aware that POLA reserves the right to change the content of these Conditions of Use at anytime without prior notice.  You are therefore requested to read the latest version of the Conditions of Use when using the Website.


Please contact POLA’s webmaster beforehand if you intend to establish a link to the Website. When contacting the webmaster, provide your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, and the URL of the linking website. Please be aware that a link may be refused if the linking website contains content that could damage the corporate reputation of POLA or if the method of linking is deemed inappropriate.
When linking your website to the Website, you will be asked to clearly state in the linking website that the link is to the website of POLA. Moreover, it shall be assumed that you have consented to the Website’s Conditions of Use.
Furthermore, you may only link to when linking to the Website.

2. Trademarks, copyrights, and other rights

All trademarks appearing in the Website are owned by POLA or the POLA ORBIS Group, or used under license or other legitimate authorization.  Unauthorized use of any of these trademarks is prohibited.  Moreover, all rights for content posted in the Website shall be attributable to or under license to POLA or the POLA ORBIS Group.  Accordingly, transferring, reproducing, modifying, distributing, or using any content appearing in the Website without the consent of POLA is prohibited except in cases of personal or non-commercial use.

3. Cookies

Cookies are used in some pages of the Website.  Cookies function to send information indicating that a user has seen the website from the Website’s server to the user’s computer and return this information to the server as required.  POLA uses cookies to enhance and improve the Website based on this information. 
POLA uses cookies for the purpose of distinguishing users’ computers.  It does not use them to collect personal information, such as e-mail addresses or names.  You are free to accept or refuse cookies as you please.  (Please check the “help” menu on your browser for details on accepting or refusing cookies.)  However, please understand that some functions of the Website may not function properly if you refuse to accept cookies.


The prices, specifications, sales periods, etc., of all products and services may change without prior notice.  Furthermore, the content of the Website or its URL may be changed, and the operation of the Website may be suspended or terminated, without prior notice.
POLA will have no liability for any damages arising from access to or use of the Website, or for any damages arising from change to the content or URL of the Website or suspension or termination of the Website’s operation.
POLA makes no guarantees concerning the content of websites of third parties that are not under POLA’s management, even if said websites are linked to the Website, nor will it accept liability for any damages arising from use of said websites.  Please be aware that such websites can be used to obtain your information independently for both good and bad intentions.  You are therefore requested to give appropriate care to the management of your information.
POLA will have no liability for any malfunctions or damages to software or hardware that arise from use of the Website.

5. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

Matters concerning interpretation and application of the Website and these Conditions of Use shall be based on the laws of Japan.  The court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first trial pertaining to any and all disputes related to the Website is the Tokyo District Court unless otherwise provided for. 
The information contained in the Website is primarily intended for persons residing in Japan.  If you are accessing the Website from a country outside of Japan, please use it after checking product information that is applicable to that country.

6. Recommended environment

POLA recommends that the following machine and connection environments be used when viewing the Website (as of September 2015).

■Operating system and browser

Windows Vista / 7 Internet Explorer 8.0
Firefox latest version, Google Chrome latest version
MacOS X Safari latest version, Google Chrome latest version

■Connecting line
Broadband connection (ADSL, fiber optic, high-speed wireless, etc.)

■Monitor size
800×600 pixels or more

■Javascript setting

7. Inquiries, etc.

  • Inquiries
    (About the POLA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES website / OEM business / employment / other consultations, opinions, etc.)
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